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Samrat Ashok Technological Institute Vidisha


To provide highly proactive, workaholic, students as entrepreneur to the society and satisfy needs of the market and fulfilling the dreams of aspirants and To inculcate a culture of innovation driven through student projects


To activate Entrepreneurial Potential in students of all kinds through experiential education and a global entrepreneurship ecosystem. To create a sustainable and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem where the young and the elderly come together to take entrepreneurship a step a head in India


  • To have a center for the development of products and innovations which will be working efficiently even after Institute timings.

  • To encourage the students to target National and International Competitions and win such events.

  • The main objective of this cell is to train and motivate the Science and Technology(S&T)persons to become Job Creators rather than Job Seekers.

    • To inculcate the entrepreneurial culture into their minds.

    • To conduct: Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps(EAC),Entrepreneurship Development Programs(EDP), Faculty Development programs(FDP) & Skill development programs(SDP).

    • To assist the min starting industries of their own right from: Product Identification(PI), Market Survey, tools for market research, Preparation of Project Reports ,& Assist them in getting Technical feasibility Report

    • Consultancy and research

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